All Time Facts About Fifa World Cup


This article will be introduced by the fact that the FIFA world cup is one of the major events that fosters unity around the world. There are seven continents in the world, and every four years, representatives from each of these continents come together in one randomly selected country, to participate in a tournament to win a world championship title in football. This time of the year every four years always buzzes with excitement all over the world. It is then safe to say that the world cup is one of the greatest things that has happened to mankind.

There are some fun facts about this legendary sporting tournament, that you may not know. Find them in this article below:

  • The FIFA world cup tournament is 88 years old. The first world cup game was played in 1930 and it has been in existence ever since. There have been 20 tournaments ever, and they are held at the interval of four years.
  • Russia had never hosted the world cup before 2018. Despite the fact that the world cup had been played twenty times since 1930, Russia had never hosted it until the just concluded world cup tournament.
  • Despite the fact that Russia had never hosted the world cup, they are honoured with a legendary plague by the achievement of their legendary football player Oleg Salenko after he scored five goals in a single match at the world cup. No one has ever scored that high since the record was set, not even Pele or Maradona.
  • This is quite an unpopular fact, but it is not a secret either. Only 32 teams qualify into the world cup tournament all over the world, but adjustments are being made to accommodate up to 48 teams by the next two world cups which will be in 2026.
  • The Mexican football team has fourteen games won, fourteen draws and twenty five losses, which makes them the highest loser ever in world cup games.
  • Speaking of country records, the Indonesian football team has only particupated in the world cup tournament once, in 1938. The also played only one game and did not continue the rest.
  • India as a country is also rumoured to have withdrawn from the world cup tournament in the early days, because they were not allowed to play barefooted.
  • Italy as a football team, also own the record of having the highest number of draws ever, in the world cup tournaments, with twenty one draws.
  • The game with the highest number of goals every was played in 1954 between Austria and Switzerland. The game ended with the scoreline at 7 goals to 5. Austria won the game.
  • The first time two countries hosted the world cup at the same time was in 2002. Matches were played in both Japan and South Korea.
  • Uruguay hosted the first world cup ever played and did not leave the trophy for another team. They won it!

No doubts, there are more facts about the world cup and every time the tournament is played, new records are set. However, the tournament has managed to spread unity and love across the world, which is a great achievement.