Different Ball Games Every Family Member Can Enjoy


Without a ball, you would be able to play sports like baseball, bowling, tennis, basketball, and soccer. You might view a ball as a simple thing, but it plays a vital role in many parts of life.

Sports That Require the Use of A Ball


The equipment required to play this game includes a bat, a ball and padded gloves worn by players. When a batter hits the ball with the bat and runs safely on four bases, then a run is scored. The defenders will attempt to catch the batted ball and prevent the runner from reaching the base safely.


Each group will defend the basket at its own end of the court and will also try to make sure they shoot the ball into the opponent’s net. The team that moves with the ball is called “the offense” while the opposing team is known as “the defense” as they prevent their opponent from putting the ball into the net. The players move the ball around the court through passing and dribbling.


This is played using a ball that rolls down a wooden lane and knocking the pins or bottles set in a triangle.


This game is played by two teams that battle for a single ball in the air. The goal of this game is to compel the opposing group to play the ball illegally or fail to return the ball. During a volleyball game, every team can score. A group will have a score when the ball touches the ground on the opponent’s side of the court. Another method for scoring is when a group commits a fault or gets a penalty.


The fundamental rule of this game is that only the goalkeeper is permitted to touch the ball with the arms or hand and just inside the penalty area. A goal is scored when the ball enters into the net. Before the game begins, the team captains will flip a coin to choose which team will kick off. They will likewise choose which goal post their teams will defend.


This game is also played using a ball. It is almost related to basketball, but the equipment, group numbers, and rules are a little different. For example, there is no dribbling and running with the ball. Besides that, the ball must be passed in 3 seconds, and there must be seven players for each group. The basket and the ball are smaller, and there is no backboard as we have in basketball.

The listed games above are the different types of ball games that you can enjoy with your family member and have fun together.