Exercises That Can Keep You Fit Without Hitting The Gym


Fitness has been proved to extend a person’s life span. Apart from the fact that it makes you active and very useful, you would also generally feel good about your body and yourself. When people decide to get in shape, the first thing that comes to mind is to hit the gym! However, many different reasons stop them from hitting the gym, from cost to transportation to many others, which also stops them from keeping fit. This article brings the good news of how you can stay fit without hitting the gym.

You would surely be excited to find out that you can actually keep fit in your own house without any equipment. Here are a few ways to achieving that;

1. PUSHUPS – Quite old, but still very effective. When you do pushups, you put all the muscles in your upper body in a position where they can be worked. It builds general strength, boosts metabolism and also boosts your ego.

2. PIKE WALK – In case you don’t know how to do a pike walk, you spread your legs and shoulders apart, bend over your waist to put your hands on the floor. With your legs straight, walk with your hands forward and away from your legs and back into your legs. This is one complete repetition. It works the muscles of your chest, shoulders, abs, lats, glutes and hamstrings.

3. PRISONER SQUAT – Focusing on the quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings, this exercise generally improves the upper body mobility. To do the prisoner squat, place both hands behind your head while you stand at shoulders’ width, pull your elbows and shoulders back, then go down into a squat position pushing your hips down and backward below the knee height, then go back up in the same motion to start position. That completes a repetition.

4. BODYWEIGHT LOUNGE – This exercise targets the quadriceps and the glutes particularly. It also works the calves, hamstrings and core. It generally gives the body better balance, better core stability and increased hip flexibility. If you want to do the bodyweight lounge, stand at your shoulders’ width with your hands on your hips. Take a step forward and bend the rear leg to bring you into a position where you are kneeling on one leg. Keep upright and with your hands on your hips and then try to stand back up to the starting position. This makes a full repetition.

5. BODYWEIGHT JUMP SQUAT – It helps you get perfectly shaped legs and thighs, working the quadriceps and the calves. To perform a jump squat, assume a squat position, jump into the air, lifting your hand above your head as you jump and land in the beginning position. This completes a repetition.

6. WALKING SPIDERMAN (Also Spiderman Crawls) – To do this exercise, you start from a pushup position, then bend your elbows to keep your closer to the ground. Draw your knees up to touch your elbow, alternating both legs continuously. This exercise has its effect on the back, shoulders, chest, arms and legs.

Exercises do not just make you look built and muscular, they also make your healthier and stronger. Having a home based routine for your work out would not be a bad idea at all.