Facts About The Fifa World Cup


FIFA, the federation of Internationale de football association was first held in 1930. It is the world’s most widely viewed sporting event and it takes place at the interval of four years, after which the world football champion is determined until it’s next season.

The World Cup has been played about 20 times in total since its inception and Brazil holds the highest title with 5 wins of the competition. This record is followed by Germany and Italy with records of 4 wins each.

With 21 draws, Italians hold the record of country with the highest number of draws.

Despite the fact that Mexico holds a record of 14 draws and 14wins, they also hold the record of the country that has the most number of losses (25).

The highest Russia have ever gone is 4th place since the year 1966, the 2018 World Cup will mark their 11th appearance in the world cup.

In 1930, the world cup was hosted by Uruguay and this same host country won the tournament that same year.

India’s withdrawal from the competition in 1950 is rumored to be based on their denial from playing barefooted in the World Cup tournament.

Prior to the commencement of the World Cup in 1966, the trophy went missing for 7 days and was later reported to have been stolen.

It is rumored that the World Cup winning country experiences a baby boom 9 months after the tournament, this can be traced to Germany whose birthrate increased by 10% after hosting the competition in 2006.

The first player to miss a penalty kick in the World Cup competition was Valdemar de Brito of Brazil.

Hungary holds the unbeaten record of the most goals scored during the tournament with a 10:1 win against El Salvador in 1982 World Cup.

As a nation, Brazil has scored more goals than every other country in all world cups.

Oleg Salenko, a Russian player in 1994 through his 5 goals in a match against Cameroon, holds the record for the most goals scored in a single world cup match. The match later ended in a 6:1 win for Russia.

Turkey’s Hakan Surkur hold the record of the fastest goals scored in World Cup by scoring 11seconds into the game against South Korea.

Almost half of the world population (about 2.3 billion people) followed the 2014 World Cup.

The First World Cup win of Italy was followed by a drought of 44 years before they had their second title in 1982.

After fighting through to qualify for World Cup 8 different times, Scotland in all 8 times was eliminated during the first round of the competition.

Mexico, Spain, Chile and Germany coaches forbids their players from having sex during the World Cup because they see it as a waste of energy as well as distraction.

The world cup has immensely contributed to the unification of all the countries of the world and will continue to unite the countries via football forever.