Fastest Boxing Knockouts Of All Time


If you really want to see some professional fighting, then you should watch boxing matches. As most of the other fighting games like the WWE are scripted, boxing is not. Precautions are taken to reduce casualties, but it doesn’t deprive it of the gore of true fighting. Boxing is an art and the players or fighters in this game are not scared. They are there to fight for the victory wilfully. So, it is hard to say anyone won a fight because the other was weak. If the most terrible professional boxer duels with a random person, he may be charged for battery or even murder, because they are really good at what they do and are not to be messed with. Hence, it is quite hard to say that any boxer could get a quick knockout in a game. This is like coming into the fight and leaving the opponent lying helplessly after taking one or two punches. However, it happens and this article will go back in history to give the details.

  • Mike Collins could be said to be on top of this list after he knocked Pat Brownson out at the Golden Gloves tournament in Minnesota, United States of America, exactly four seconds after the match started on the 4th of November 1947 with just one punch. This is considered the fastest knockout in history.

  • Sechew Powell was going into the tournament with fifteen wins and no defeat when he was to meet with Cornelius Bundrage who was also unbeaten with twenty one wins. It was definitely going to be a tough game. However, Powell was able to knock Bundrage out few seconds into the game after they both hit the floor at the bell and got back up. There were two falls, but only one person fell twice.
  • After nine consecutive knockouts, Jeremy Williams was to face Arthur Weathers who most expected to end his unbeaten journey. However, Weathers wasn’t enough to stop Williams from winning nor piling up his knockouts. Just after a few seconds, Williams did it again! He knocked Jeremy Weathers out. He won the match with a 10 second Knockout.

  • In 1996, Bernard Hopkins became the winner of the IBF super-middleweight championship after he won a fight against Segundo Mercado. His first opponent after this feat was to be Steven Frank, who was also a champion in his own turf. As the fuel started, it didn’t take long before Bernard Hopkins could drop Steven Frank with one deadly blow. Again, he had won another knock out; a fifteen seconds knock out.
  • The match between Naseem Hamed and Said Lawal is probably the most laudable of all. It was a match to determine the WBC featherweight title holder, which he was at the moment. Immediately the match started, Said was dropped by a heavy blow from Naseem. However, the referee allowed Lawal to get back up and continue the game, but he couldn’t. He fell down again before he was even touched. The lost interesting part of this one is that Naseem Hamed made a very dramatic entrance that lasted for approximately 10 minutes, but the match he came for only lasted for thirty five seconds.