Highest Football Goal Scorers Of All Time


Football, or soccer, is one of the most popular sports in history. It has existed for so long and it has been an integral part of every country’s history. International relations cannot be mentioned without how football has united the countries of different continents and of the world at large. There are continental football tournaments and there is the world cup. Players from many different countries also come together to play as a team, in different teams in other country leagues like the Italian serie A, the Spanish La liga, the English Premier league and a host of others.

Lots of records have been set in the history of football and lots of legends have been made too. This article will bring back the glory of some legends, who have scored the highest goals ever, in the history of football.

Arthur Friedenreich

With 1,329 goals, this Brazilian star football player tops the list of the highest goal scorer in history! Within his 26years of action, he scored many goals and won the golden boot together with the player of the tournament plaque in the 1919 Cops America competition. He was black skinned, so he faced quite a lot of racism through his professional career which spanned through 1909 to 1935. His nickname was “Tiger” and in 1925, he was crowned “King of football” in Brazil. The most shocking fact about Arthur is that he never played in the world cup, which is why he is not very popular. Maybe he would have scored more goals.

Edson Arantes do Nascimento

Popularly known as Pele, Edson Arantes do Nascimento comes second on the list of the world’s all time highest goal scorers. He was able to hit the ball into the net 1,281 times in his career. The Brazilian legend rose to stardom when he played in the 1958 world cup as a 17 year old. He won the world cup that year and in the two consecutive years after that i.e. 1963 and 1970. He is widely known as the world’s greatest football player of all time. He is the only player to have ever won the world cup three consecutive times. Another shocking fact about him is that, he never played in Europe. Maybe he could have scored more too.

Josef Bican

Next on this list is Josef Bican, an European speedster and striker who could run a hundred metres within 10.8 seconds and had one of the highest goal to game ratio of 1.52. With 805 goals, he was able to bag the golden ball as player of the century in Europe. He also retains the record of scoring up to seven goals in a single game, three different times. The Austrian goal scorer is said to have scored more goals than the games he ever played.

After the first three, others on this list include the Brazilian Romario with 743 goals, Gerd Muller of Germany with 711 goals, Hungary’s Ferenc Puskas with 700 goals, Eusebio with 621 goals, etc. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messing are coming up behind these legends with great speed. Let’s watch out for them.