Man-City Trashes Arsenal In Emirates Stadium


After their encounter in the Carabao Cup final on Sunday 25th February, where Man City came out as winners with 3 goals to nothing against Arsenal Football, the two teams meet again in Emirates Stadium on the 1st day of March.

Pep Guardiola had this game to be his 100th since he started being in charge of Manchester City’s team. Within the first thirty-three minutes of the game, Arsenal FC had conceded three goals from the attacking force of Man city. The goals were scored by Bernardo Silva at 15 minutes, David Silva at 28 minutes and Leroy Sane at 33 minutes. Arsenal tried to fight back but it just wasn’t working out for them on Thursday night. Many chances were lost by Arsenal during the match, including a penalty by Emerick Aubameyang at the fifty third minute of the match. 

The first goal which was scored by Bernado Silva was assisted by Sane who maneuvered his way as he went on through the left wing toward Arsenal’s side of the pitch and passed the ball to Bernado Silva who took the shot and put the ball in a top corner of Arsenal’s net at fifteen minutes into the march.

Sane was at it again as he found his way through Arsenal’s defense on the same left wing which he plays from. After perfect judging Henrikh Mkhitaryan in a spectacular dribble, he spots Sergio Aguero in the box and gives him the chance and honor of end it in a goal, but Sergio Aguero calmly passed the ball to David Silva who had a better chance at making the goal, and who did make the goal, stretching Peter Cech who couldn’t stop the ball this time either.

After assisting in making the first two goals of the match, Sane got the chance to crown it with a goal by himself at the thirty third minute of the game. He takes the chance and turns it into a goal. The ball didn’t come from the left wing this time, butt from the right wing as Kevin De Bryune and Sergio Aguero had a little one touch interplay that ended in Sane’s court, before he put the ball in the net the third time in that match.

Arsenal made no substitution during the match while Manchester City brought Zinchenko, Toure and Jesus into the match, using up three of the team’s substitution slots. Leroy Sanchez was the man of the match alongside other player like Ederson, Sane, Aguero, D Silva, B Silva and De Bruyne who also contributed to the win.

Arsenal had 75 points throughout the last season of premiere league, but Man City in this season already have met up with that with 16 points clear at the top of the league this year despite the fact that they still have 10 games yet to be played. Manchester City fans, especially those who traveled to see the match, are definitely satisfied with performance of their team on Thursday.