Sport Games That Almost Never Ended


History has it that some unforeseen circumstances abridge the course of preplanned events. The sports industry has had her own share of nature’s bounty. Every sporting event or game is usually meant to last for a stipulated period of time. Across the years, different things have happened that has caused sport games and matches to last longer than the usual time. Many of these reasons include natural disasters, administrative errors, medical emergencies, and a host of many others. This write-up will showcase some of these historical events in the world of sports that started but almost never got to end.

1893; A BOXING GAME AT NEW YORK’S OLYMPIC CLUB – In 1893, there was an epic game between Andy Bowen and Jack Burke. At this time, boxing was very real and gory. It was always fight till the end. If nobody surrenders or gets knocked out, the game continues. The boxing game between Andy Bowen and Jack Burke went on for 110 whole rounds! Neither of the two boxers gave up or gave in as the boxing ring was full of blood and gore! It became boring as the game lasted all night till the next morning and the audience were already asleep. So, the referee had to end the game, calling it a draw. He said the boxers could share the money in two halves because they’ve earned it. At this time, Jack Burke already had all his fingers and wrists broken but he didn’t give in.

2005; NAMIBIAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE FINALS – The Namibian football league has never gained international recognition before 2005. When this changed, this was the event that happened. The final match between KK Palace and the defending champions of the league, FC Civics Windhoek never ended. The two teams ended the first 120 minutes of the game with a draw (2-2) and had to resolve to a penalty shootout to determine the winner of the league. Forty eight penalty kicks were played before KK Palace, which was a second division team, eventually won the game by a 17-16 margin.

1981; A BASEBALL GAME BETWEEN PAWTUCKET RED SOX and ROCHESTER RED WINGS – This historic baseball game was played at the McCoy Stadium on the 18th of April 1981, and only 19 fans stayed till the end of the game despite the cold. This game is the longest game in the history of baseball and initially, it had 1740 fans in the stadium, watching live. It was a very cold night/morning (because the game lasted till the next morning) and some players had to make a fire with broken bats to keep warm. This game ended without a winner, after 32 innings and with over 880 pitches thrown. The president of the league, having deliberated with other officials, decided to end the game at a draw with the matched tied at two runs for each team.

1939; THE CRICKET TEST MATCH BETWEEN ENGLAND AND SOUTH AFRICA – The English team were in South Africa for a tour and the had to play a test match with the South African team. This match turned out to be the longest match in cricket history, having lasted nine days. The match ended because the English team had to catch a boat home.

Many more historical matches that almost never ended were ties. However, they all seem to be in the past. The new generation has found a way to handle the situation of extremely long matches.