Google Earth Pro which cost $399 per year is now free of cost

Google Earth Pro which cost $399 per year is now free of cost

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If you are a fan of Google Earth, here’s some good news for you: Google has decided to offer the Pro variant free of cost. It is pleasantly surprising to note that a service subscription that used to cost us $399 per year will now require no money whatsoever.

Of course, there are reasons why casual map users would be content with the basic version of Google Earth and didn’t bother paying for the Pro variant that professionals such as scientists would. The primary differences between the two variants lie in features such as automated geographic location and high-resolution imagery.

The basic version of Google Earth restricts users from printing images whose resolution exceeds that of the screen. Conversely, the Pro variant imposes no such limitations; instead it allows high-resolution prints. It also doesn’t impose a maximum texture size by allowing you to use Super Image Overlays.

Similarly, the basic version of Google Earth prompts you to manually geo-locate geographic information system images. The Pro version requires no such task of you; in fact, it saves you the effort by automatically geo-locating those images.

Features like area measurements and animated movie creation that typically appeal to businesses are also exclusive to the Pro variant. In addition, you would have to turn to the Pro version to search for data related to demographics using data layers and multi-point mapping.

You would have to download the software in order to be able to access Google Earth Pro. Since the required registration key is not based on any subscription, you should have no issues getting through. Current users can simply continue using their existing accounts with no expiry date to worry them.

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