Microsoft to Offer its Own Payment Solution to Rival Apple Pay

microsoft payments

After Apple, Google and Samsung, Microsoft is getting closer to its own payments solution. The so-called “Microsoft Payments” is all but confirmed now and can make an appearance once Windows 10 for phones hits the market.

A similar “tap to pay” feature has already been shown at a Windows hardware partners’ conference in China. The service,  like Apple Pay and others uses NFC for payments and supports Host Card Emulation on Windows 10, which means you won’t need a SIM card or carrier support in order to carry out transactions.

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It’s still not known whether some sort of secondary encryption in the form of fingerprint scanners will be mandatory, but Windows 10 does support a wide range of encryption methods, including iris, face and biometric-sensor support.

That’s not to say that wireless payments haven’t been available on Windows Phones up till now. Microsoft has already partnered with PayPal to support PayPal Here while a few third-party app developers such as Softcard already have their solutions for Redmond’s Mobile OS.

However, this will be the first time that Microsoft itself is working as a primary entity in this cause. With a comparatively limited reach until now, it will be interesting to see whether the new service, which will get a formal launch soon catches fire or not.

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