NASA’s Juno probe enters in orbit of jupiter


Juno probe enter in jupiterNASA’s Juno probe enters in orbit of Jupiter

Juno probe was started in 2011 was in dangerous place these days but NASA take a relief after the communication with NASA space craft.Because the communication between the spacecraft and earth human intervention is for very short of time so that is why NASA was worried about its project Juno probe.

But when the information about the Juno probe comes all of a sudden hall is full of shouting and cheers. This project is one of the fastest project because Juno probe took five-year to reach the Jupiter orbit with 869 kilometers per hour.

“We conquered Jupiter”said by the lead of the project Scolt Bolton. There is complete silence for five-year but a day comes when NASA space craft enter into the Jupiter orbit . Scientist believes that Juno probe give some extra ordinary information about the planet Jupiter. Juno started it’s critical captured burn and fired for 35 minutes . They said that the space craft stayed in communication with deep space networks in California, Australia , Canberra and Gold Stein.

Now Juno is near to stage calculated at the time of its projection Bolton said that my heart beat was beating extra ordinary and the feeling was WOW !!!!!! .Juno probe 3D srategy

Juno probe Mission is very critical Mission .If  Juno space craft engine had not fired than the spacecraft lost deep in the sea of space and never came back. If the Juno fired too long than the new orbit would have crashed by Jupiter .So, that’s why now the space craft is in very critical situation .To overcome this critical situation NASA engineers have to turned the air craft pointed toward the sun to switch back on the solar batteries to save the Power in air craft.

Information sent by Juno

During these weeks Juno sent the majestic Dace of the Jupiter and the big hole picture in Jupiter scientist believes that this was big orange hole of tornado occur on Jupiter .Juno also sent the Four largest moons Io, Europa,  Ganymede and Callisto .but now Juno complete its 53.5 days capture orbit. We just hope that in 2018 we bring space technology to the next level.