The Kreutz Comet’s Suicide Run


Sungrazer comets are considered the most audacious comets in the cosmos. They are a lot like queen Margery Tyrell from Game Of Thrones, They want to fly very high and be as close to the sun as possible without getting burned and just like queen Margery learned the harsh truth so will they. Between August 3 and 4th the ESA and NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) captured a photo of a sungrazer that flew to close to the sun and paid the ultimate price.

The SOHO Image Capture

Suicide Run1


This photo comes from SOHO’s Large Angle Spectrometric Coronagraph, This device captures images of the solar corona by blocking any direct sunlight. The white circle in the middle represents where the actual disc of the sun would be. This is a photo of the Kreutz comet trying but failing to travel around the sun.

The Comet’s Path

NASA said that the comet was attempting to circle the sun but was incinerated in the process. The Kreutz comet was torn apart and vaporized by the intense forces around the sun, before it even finished its journey.

Previous Comets’ Fates

Suicide Run2

Great Comet of 1882

The fate of this comet was not very surprising due to the fact that the sun has taken other comets that were even greater than this one. All were taken before their time. In 2013 comet ISON, which could have put on one of the greatest shows in the sky better than any comet in the past century was destroyed while trying to slingshot around the sun.