Why Did Google Update Mobile Search?


Simply because more and more people are using smartphones and tablets now. According to an insight published by ComScore, number of people using mobile phones surpassed the number of people using computers in 2014. Dazeinfo published a study in January 2014 according to which 73% of world’s total internet users (which is 1.9 billion users) were accessing internet primarily through their smartphones at that time. The study also projected the same percentage to increase up to 90% by 2014 (which makes 3 billion people roughly).

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These studies suggested that search algorithms for smart phones need to be tailored accordingly.

Who Needs To Worry After This Update?

The answer is simple. Website owners who care about their mobile audience need to worry and take preventive actions. Those who already have a mobile friendly website can sigh with relief. Websites that were only made for desktop users and do not offer anything to mobile users can simply ignore this update as it will de-rank them in mobile search results only which will not hurt their business. Their desktop search rankings will remain intact.


Unlike previous search algorithm updates that turned thousands of online business upside down this update has not caused much havoc. One reason is that it only affected mobile traffic of websites. The other reason is that preventive measures for this one are easy and take less time to implement.

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It has been more than two weeks since the update was launched but not many reports of sudden traffic loss or gain have been received. The Google bot for mobile search is still doing its work indexing all the websites again for mobile search results. It is better for all website owners to do the needful before they are affected.