Fun Facts About Fashion Trends


Some people are crazy about fashion, while some others do not care at all. Many others are in between, just indifferent about the whole thing. However, no one can sincerely separate themselves from fashion totally. We all wear clothes. Your fashion sense, regardless of whatever influences it, kicks in every time you make to choose dresses to wear when going out. If you ever evaluate someone else’s dressing and appearance, you’ve got some fashion sense. Be it judgemental, appreciative or observational, you do have it.

So, when we mention facts about fashion, you cannot be in total oblivion. There are some things you will actually relate to.

  • A random sampling research has proven that the average person in the United States of America owns at least one pair of blue jeans for each day of the week. This means the average American owns at least seven pairs of blue Jean trousers, jackets or skirts.
  • Since the second world war, women have been allowed to wear shorts publicly. This is because people ran out of supplies, and skirts were not so effective for the situation and shorts was the best option. Men have been wearing shorts for way longer than women, but it is still considered inappropriate for them to wear it publicly.
  • The most bought clothing items all over the world is the T-shirt. Everyone wears T-shirts; male, female, young, aged, religious, atheist, everyone! An analysis shows that an average of two billion T-shirts are sold in a year.
  • You might wonder why the color purple is so attached to royalty and nobility, but there’s is an historical backing to it. Only magistrates, emperors and the likes wore that color in the ancient city of Rome, Italy.
  • The oldest piece or style of clothing is the loincloth. However, directed behind it is the skirt, which is still very popular in this age. Both men and women wore skirts in ages past, but that culture is now left for Scottish men in traditional outfits. Skirts are majorly for women in this age.
  • According to the general growth rate of quality and price of items sold, clothing items are actually not growing with other commodities. For the past two decades, clothing items have gone down in price continuously. They become affordable year buy year. Although, luxury clothing items are also made year by year.
  • These days it is no crime to wear a swimsuit and show your skin on the beach or at the park. However it was a crime punishable by law to wear such skin revealing clothing. It is in record that a woman was arrested in Boston for wearing a swimsuit publicly. Well, times have passed.
  • Michael Kors, the popular wedding dress maker made his first wedding dress for his own mother when he was just five years old.
  • The world’s most expensive shoe maker sold a simple red ruby slippers for three million dollars. He is Harry Winston.

Fashion is fun, it is art, just do you. You could be starting a trend, and you could be making history.