Jewelry Trends Are Taking a Turn to Heart Shape and Enamel Colors

Time does not wait and everything in life keeps spinning with the world. This applies even to the jewelry trends. With the passing of 2017, there will be more of new jewelry trends in 2018. Most doodles with fresh purchased 2018 new journals and calendars, but there are many who love to go for new jewelry.

Fashion and home d├ęcor are two things that keep on changing. If you do not get ideas, go through the fashionistas necks and other fixtures, you may find they are the same that your grandma or mom had. They are again in demand now. With the new jewelry trends, here are some changes highlighted that may help you stay in trend.

Multiple Hand Rings

Women wear one or two rings and consider it enough to show your hands and this refers to the old trend. Now women love showing off their rings to make it appear catchy. The more the rings you wear, your hands look attractive. If you also love attention and wish to stay in trend, you may choose to wear many of rings, as this will be the jewelry trend of 2018. Regardless of whether the rings are small or large, colored or shiny, create catchy combinations to increase your hand beauty.

Tassel Jewelry

A noteworthy jewelry trend is adding tassels and this will be found next year. Tassels can be included in jewelry pieces such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Apart from this, tassels can be an integral addition of jewelry to women’s handbags and clothes. Adding tassels makes you look outstanding and if you wish to really look gorgeous, you may opt for the diamond and pearl tassel jewelry pieces. These additions are sure to make you look stunning. Even adding buckles are a huge jewelry trend and they appear in chokers and bracelets.

Heart Shape

Women love the heart shape jewelry, but it is always the little girl’s choice. This time even bigger women can go for heart shape choices or designs and wear it with choice. Suddenly, the heart choice for big girls and women is high and it looks sophisticated. This style has a connotation and any woman is sure to find a lovable way on wearing colored gems or diamonds in heart shape.

Likewise, the statement rings are with navette styles as jewelry trend of 2017. There will be a huge demand in all sizes, small to large.

Enamel and Addition of Color To Prevail

Jewelry trend of 2018 will not concentrate only on expensive metals such as diamond and gems. The antique jewelry will include enamels also such that the jewels feature simple strips, bold colors and solids. Using rich gold yellow to accent is once again all over. This is in use for years and there are collectible and high-end jewelry objects now in enamel and are popular as they add more texture and color. The jewelry trend will embrace artistic expression next year and this style will prevail throughout next year.