Music Event Trends In 2018


The trends in Music events and shows don’t seem to be static and not dynamic. As a matter of fact, music fans are expecting to get more from live shows than ever have. This means that the organisers must be ready to improve their services and give more than they have to keep up the number of persons who attended their events. This article contains a couple of trends that are being introduced into the music events in 2018.

Social Media Presence

Attendees of any event will feel more connected when they journey with you through the process of organising your event and putting things in place. All social media platforms now have sponsored videos in people’s timelines, such that your community and those you intend to add to the community can participate in following through. Organisers can increase the number of attendees through social media and they can also build a stronger community by showing them how they set up, the behind the scenes and after the shows. Some will even involve their followers in the decision making process, sometimes just to hear their opinion and sometimes to really make a decision.

Charging Stations

The organisers of events have, will and should, begin to offer charging stations at their events, mostly because tickets are no longer sold in paper form but in the electronic form. Attendees will need their phones to show their tickets or barcodes. They may need to keep their batteries charged to ensure that they can storm the social media while the program is live. Also, young and ‘wild’ attendees may need the charging stations for risk management. Anything could happen that would need them to contact their parents, siblings or friends. This will help put that in check.

3D Audio

Music is 2018 can only be at its best when it is in 3D. Despite the advancement in other media formats such as video formats with a clearer resolution than real life, audio is still produced and listened to in stereophonic; a format that was created in the 1930s! However, various tech powerhouses have started researching into the ambisonic technology for every possible development in audio quality in its most commonly used 3D audio, with the best sound quality yet. It is expected that music producers and sound engineers will soon start using softwares with this quality and events will go boom with a better audio quality.

Vegan Offerings At Food Stands

As it were, veganism is one of the biggest trends yet in this year. The number of vegetarians that attend music shows is just almost the same as the number of those who eat meat. This has come to the attention of food vendors, especially those at the food stands at music events. Hence, they have started to include a large amount of veggies in the food they offer at the stands.

This list is expected to dominate events for the rest of 2018 and make them more interesting for attendees. This could also be a guide for organizers to spice up their music events this year.