Rules That Meghan Markle Has To Obey Now That She’s A Duchess


The news of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s marriage has taken the social media without any formal announcements or advertisement. The marriage is definitely not like the marriage of any other celebrity, as it is a royal wedding. Hence, the marriage has to be a different one too. Practically, it is the end of her old life and the beginning of a new life. Being the Duchess of Sussex, here are some rules that she has to obey.

NO SELFIES – It has been revealed in Meghan Markle’s first official event with the Prince, that she can’t take selfies anymore. A couple tried to take a selfies with her, but she told them that she was not allowed to take selfies anymore. Apparently, the life of a royal must not be all over the social media. It is said that turning your back to the royals, which you will definitely do when taking a selfie is disrespectful.

NO AUTOGRAPHS – All about that celebrity life? She doesn’t even have to chance to give her fans and lovers out there a signed clothing or book. She can only sign royal documents and in rare situations, visitor’s books.

NO SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE – This must be a hard one for Meghan Markle. She used to own a blog, The Tig, and an active Instagram account, but she can’t anymore. This can be proved by her blog and social media accounts that went dark late last year.

NO DARK NAILS – Apparently, the bold and sexy dark nail polishes are never going to have a place in Meghan Markle’s kit. The royals are not allowed to wear black nail polish.

SHE MUST WEAR MOURNING CLOTHES TO TRAVEL – Sometime ago, when King George died, the Prince Phillip and Princess Elizabeth had to come back to England from Africa, in common clothes. This has made every Royal who had to travel at all since then, also travel in mourning clothes out of respect.

NO MORE HANDSHAKES TO SUPERIORS – Well, she could shake hands with her superiors in regular meetings and casual events, but she cannot do that in official events. She has to curtsy to everyone who outranks her. For the Queen, she has to curtsy every time they meet, be it casual or official.

SHE MUST NOT CROSS HER LEGS – It is not right for royals to cross their legs. This means Meghan has to learn to only cross her legs at the ankle. She must also sit doing a slant from side to side. This style of sitting is called the Duchess slant.

NO SHORT SKIRTS – The Queen has it that no lady in the royal family can wear her wear more than two inches above her kneecap. This means Meghan has to toss all her short and sexy skirts out. None of that luxury is allowed for the Duchess.

NO EATING BEFORE OR AFTER THE QUEEN – Nobody can eat before the Queen or after her. She must be present at the dining room by 8:30 which is dinner time, and she must not eat until the Queen starts. Once the Queen stops eating, everyone must stop eating regardless of how much food is left.

It is not a surprise that her lifestyle has to change, but the rules definitely came out surprising the populace.