Shoes Trends In 2018


In 2018, the trend of new shoes are really quite varied: You’ll see delicate, dainty heels decorated with pretty embellishments on a runway, and then stompy cowboy boots on another runway. We have reasonable choices and crazily impractical ones; statement styles exist, but so do very wise go-with-everything investment purchases. The way things are this year, it is a year for shoe lovers: You are blessed with the choices of every footwear trend, silhouette, colour and finish that there could be. This write up gives the best shoe trends in 2018. Find them below:

Cowboy Boots – These shoes will work out beautifully at such a season close to summer, but they’ll get a lot of summer mileage through the festival months. The first on this trends is ChloĆ©’s red snakeprint versions which appeared on the spring runway and is expected to fill all the markets soon.

Sneakers – In 2018, the preferred version of sneakers are the thick-soled and highly detailed sneakers. Louis Vuitton’s started the trend, but it already seems that the sales of Balenciaga’s Triple S styles are continually going up and everyone is following the trend.

Stiletto Pumps – Contrarily and also surprisingly, another trend that is taking the cities apart from the bouncy sneakers are the ultimate high ’80s-style stiletto pumps. Lots of shoe retailers are buying very much into this shoe trend, and with Victoria Beckham on the movement, we have been persuaded. The best way to wear your stiletto pumps in 2018 is to wear it in an unexpected colour..

Plastic Trend – Chanel is at the head of the pack when it comes to spring’s transparent plastic trend (Karl Lagerfeld is using this fabric for more than just footwears in 2018). Although the idea has not circulated through the industry, and it seems there are no designers following the design up. However it still appears to be a trend that will make waves.

Feathers – This trend is one of the hugest trends in the fashion world right now, feathers. It seems to be the centre of attraction, such that once you add it to anything, it becomes accepted and sought after. Saint Laurent introduced this trend, with feathers sprouting from all kinds of shoes, simple strappy sandals to the crazy up-to-the-knee boots. The trend has been in vogue for quite a while, so it will be quite affordable in the markets. Other embellishments like the feathers you may find elsewhere, are jewels, glitter, bows, etc., which also appeared on the runways for S/S 18.

Socks – Technically, socks are not shoes, but aren’t they worn on the feet too? We can’t escape the fact that designers are paying quite a lot of attention to socks for spring. Different styles of socks have been paired with each and every shoe style. One of the people’s favourites are from Fendi and its mix ‘n’ match approach both in the sporty-heel shoe and in the striped sock choice are in high demand.

These shoes are must haves in this year, and most of them are quite affordable. So, you can spend less and still step out in great style.