The Best Women Hairstyles In 2018


One of the first things to note on a woman is her hair do. It is also one of the things that define her look. No matter how expensive her clothing and shoes are, a bad hair style will definitely make her look terrible. This is why a lot of attention is paid to hair styling.

The current trend in hair styles has been to go natural. Extensions still have their place, but natural hair is getting more attention. However, leaving the hair natural and unkempt is not an option. It will definitely make you look ugly. So, this is why we have gathered a number of hair style that are trending and that you can try out for summer this year.

THE UPDATED SHAG – This classic hairstyle brought back from the 1970s is not just adorable but very easy to do and maintain! All you have to do is to part your hair one the side, and leave it to dry out naturally. The natural waves of your hair will handle the rest. You can rock this hair on almost anything from the ‘mom look’ to a TV host.

A 60s FLIP – This hairstyle had been seen on popular celebrities like Rihana recently. You also don’t have to do much. All you need is a strong hold hairspray and a 1.5 inch curling iron. First, make sure your hair is dry, and curl up the ends of the hair with the curling iron. After that, use the spray on the curls and the hair generally. VoilĂ !

HALF-UP TOP KNOT – This may probably sound weird, but it’s not. It is just a combination of two amazing hair styles to give an exquisite look! Margot Robbie has be said to invent the style by combining the half-up half-down and the top knot. With a dry hair, make a parting from one ear to the other and make it into a top knot held by a ponytail holder.

THE SPIKY PIXIE – Just as it sounds it is making your hair into a spiky hair. Massage your hair with some gel and pull tiny bits of the hair in many different directions, to make the spikes

SMOOTH AND SLEEK – To make this style, straighten your hair first and cover it with a anti-radiation/heat protestant spray, to prevent possible injuries. After this apply gel to every part of the hair from its root to its ends, then comb with a tiny fine tooth comb, to make sure the gel is evenly distributed. Then you have your sleek and smooth hair!

HEADBANDS – Lots of people will relate with this because they must have worn them in middle school. However, this spectacle is back! Use the headband however you like to keep the hair out of your face.

There is nothing like being convenient and also beautiful. These hairstyles will give you both. It is also safe to say that fashion is going vintage, because all the trends are from back in the days!