The Hottest Social Media Trends So Far


If there is nothing like it yet, this age should be called the Digital Rush. There could also be a tag line that says, ‘Social Media Takes Over’. Yes, social media is taking over the digital space. In 2018 alone, the Social Media world has experienced a kind of transformation that it hasn’t experienced in the last five years. All social media platforms are being optimised every day to suit the needs of its users and serve them better. As it is also the Entrepreneural Age, social media platforms are being optimised to allow for business activities and transactions to go on smoothly. Although, payments are still outside the platforms, all other things from business development to customer service and engagement are well catered for. Here are some of the biggest trends in the social media world so far;

The Live Video – If you are a social media person and you are active, you can tell how impactful the live video is. This is not just uploading a prerecorded video or shooting a short video and posting it immediately. It is actually going Live as in the sense of the Television language. Why is it better than the regular TV live? It is convenient for both you and your audience. More so, it makes communication easier. You don’t have to take a call when you’re live, the message just comes up at the base of your screen as it is being sent. You don’t have to type back, you can just speak to answer questions and make comments. Also, it is always available to watch again, and to download! How cool is that?

It is said that Live Video is thriving particularly because many Business Executives and Brand Influencers are using it as a means of marketing in their 2018 plans.

Chat bots – Chat bots are popularly known for their attachments to websites and some mail boxes, just to acknowledge receipt or answer some frequently asked questions. However, they have evolved in this age of social media. They are being integrated into social media platforms, and they are definitely different from the regular on-hold or FAQ chat bots. They are built in a way that allows them to communicate in a way that promotes the business and does not give the customer the feeling of speaking with a robot. The chat bot’s performance improves after every conversation as he learns from every conversation, and the business owner also re-programs it to answer new questions better.  Chat bots are definitely relieving many people’s stress on social media; particularly business owners.


Paid Advertising – Just incase you did not know that Sponsored posts are not free, now you do. Social Media Platforms have been modified in a way that can help you send specific messages to a large range of persons who might be interested in you or what you do. The platform collects information about users and uses it to categorize them according to age, gender, location, interests and a lot more. Paid Advertising can help small businesses get to their prospective customers for quite a reasonably priced amount. One of the most amazing features of paid advertising is how cost effective it is.

Very soon, blogs and websites will depend on Social media for growth and not the other way round anymore.