The Psychology of Entertainment


Entertainment has many phases and could be private or open type of entertainment. When we play with our mates, it is an individual type of entertainment. Also, when we sit and watch a movie on the screen, it is a more open type of entertainment because we are sharing the experience with others.

Entertainment takes us to a completely different world and helps us at times to take a break from real life. Movies and theater takes us to a universe of imagination and snatches our attention, so we stay focused and forget about everything else. Entertainment could likewise be as magazine stories, and gossips or even celebrity culture. The psychology of entertainment could likewise clarify the outrageous uproar of celebrity culture that we have in the present day world.

Human beings are rational, but then feelings still seem to control our lives and serve as the center of our existence. Feelings still attract us to do things that might be unreasonable. Entertainment being principally emotion provoking instead of reason provoking majorly affects individuals’ lives. Valuing any type of entertainment could change human from the stages of interest to passionate involvement and also an addiction.

Interest for celebrities originates from emotional involvement with characters in movies, and there is always a difference between fantasy and reality, but fans of celebrities are more infatuated with the characters these superstars play or the characteristics they project instead of the personality of the celebrities. The celebrity lifestyles has got the attention of people and they are seen talking about all aspect of celebrities from their shoes to their hairdo to the cars they have.

The study of entertainment brings out several aspect in which the celebrity lifestyle have got the attention of people and these could be

  1. Identification – Viewers frequently relate to characters in movies or figures in art and this solid identification explains the value of entertainment. Younger children now mimic film stars as they start relating to movie characters.
  2. Fantasy – Entertainment encourages on the need for fantasy in individuals and makes them forget the real life.
  3. Projection – People tend to extend their feelings on to a work of art or a song and could get joy from this.
  4. Sublimation – Entertainment is likewise a type of sublimation of our impulsive desires, and this is particularly true when we take an interest in entertainment as in the interpretation of art.