Top 5 Mobile Application Development Tools Trending In 2017


Today’s mobile app development sector is growing rapidly. Different application development tools are evolving every day.  These developers usually look for tools that will help them to devise feature-rich apps in the best way. Below is a list of some of the highly functional mobile app development tools that are trending in 2017


This tool has become so popular in the app development industry. Many developers are making use of Xamarin to develop their app in the most efficient way. The Xamarin has got some important features that make it more popular in the app development world, and some of them are:

  • It offers native API access
  • It forms code sharing interfaces
  • It provides its own tool for the development of interface




Phone Gap is another popular app development tool in the market. This tool makes it easy for you to devise applications for palm platform and Symbian as well. The tool is available for free, and it is an open-source framework. Many developers are using PhoneGap because it is easier to develop applications using JavaScript and standard HTML


Because of many handy features, Appcelerator is very popular in the market. This tool has a lot of benefits which includes storing data in cloud or the device. Appcelerator makes it easy to devise apps with real-time mobile analytics using code-base JavaScript. This tool also makes it easy to develop apps for Android, Blackberry, and HTML5. Coming up with prototype is easy on this tool.


The Sencha comes in different version but the latest version which is the Ext. JS is very popular because of its great features. Many developers find this tool very interesting because it is easy to create applications in HTML5.


This tool is so popular for its speed and accuracy when it comes to application development. This tool is very effective and simple to use. The developers can begin to use this tool just after two days of training. This app development tool can help you get a quick feedback as it would help you to come up with a feature-rich prototype within a short period.


These tools mentioned above are the trending tools used in developing mobile applications. To make your work faster and easier, you should consider using these tools.