Top Fashion Trends In 2018


Are you a fashion lover? Willing to explore the many trends of fashion that are unveiled every day of the year by runaway models and celebrities in style, you may want to stay updated on the set of clothes that will be in vogue this year. This article provides you that. Check the following fashion trends out.

Lavender Dreams

“Ultra Violet” may have been announced by Pantone to be the official color of this year, but we’re banking on the beautiful pastel shade of lavender to takeover instead. Ranging from pantsuits all the way to romantic dresses, the pale hue was all over the Spring 2018 runways—and makes for a social media-friendly alternative to millennial shades of pink.


Art and fashion ran into each other on the Spring 2018 runways, making for a colorful and affluent way to make a difference in any wardrobe. From the dauntless Warhol-inspired pieces at Versace to cartoon artworks embellished onto Prada’s collection, art is wearable in this year.

Mad for Plaid

Gray colored checked blazers began to rule the street style scene and social media platforms this past season, but the trend is just getting started. Growing into full-on plaid, the print was all over the place from the runways to the street style locations outside the shows. From colorful coats to blazers inspired by men’s wear to surprising plaid accessories, there are unending ways to craft the trend into your fashion collection this year.

Fringe Benefits

As another one of the most interesting trends of the season, fringe is back and even more amazing than it has ever been. At Calvin Klein, Dior, Loewe, and some others, the Ultra-glam and dramatic fringe was seen on the runways. If you already have intentions of giving this trend a trial, you should know that it’s already trending on bags, skirts, and playful trimmed tops for a more perceptive way to adopt the look.

The Fannypack is Back

Earlier in 2017, the bag trend was spotted on Kendall Jenner, A$AP Rocky, Rihanna, and Bella Hadid. This trend was however one of the most biased accessory trends. However, it’s back in a modified and official cooler version of itself. For Spring 2018, it was all over the runways, proving the revamp is here to stay.

’60s Floral

You might want to reconsider making a joke about floral, because the spring’s revamp of the floral print comes in the form of retro, ’60s-inspired styles that very amazing in reality. Jumping off of being the grandma’s table cloth or the print for grandma’s couch, the 60’s floral trend is making huge waves this year.

Dark Denim Reigns

A new wave of denim is here just in time to give your wardrobe a revamp. The Dark wash denim took over the runways in every form from classic jeans to two-piece sets, and organized dresses.

These trends are sure to take the scene through this year. You should also take the spot light with them.