Trending Fashion For Men In 2018


Men may seemingly have a simple fashion life, but we are beginning to have doubts about that. Apart from the fact that men’s wears are relatively expensive, there have been lots and lots of innovations and inventions in the past few years. Sometimes, old fashion comes back into the trend and at other times, new things just pop up. Now, there is a shirt, a pant, a shoe for every occasion.

This article will take you through a list of popular and definitely stunning men’s wear that is in vogue in 2018.

Wide-leg trousers – Well, maybe not so wide but definitely not tiny or tight. Skinny jeans and tights have had their time and now, men deserve a little bit of freedom around their legs. So, this trend has been allowing for allowances and spaces in men’s trousers. No skinnies this year. The simple straight cut denim jeans and pants are taking the front row in the 2018 men’s fashion trends.

Cuban Collars – Cuban shirts are definitely going to rule a couple of summers before a strong alternative pops up. They are simple nice to wear. They come in cotton or linen, which means they will allow for ventilation and comfort. No much tight things for men this year. It also gives a broader look to men who have narrow shoulders.

Sportswear – It would not be an exaggeration to say this is the biggest trend in men’s fashion. It has been the biggest trend for a number of years too. Designers have gone back to the early nineties to bring back the trend; most especially matching tracksuits, track pants and drawstring trousers. These days, one could literally wear anything on a track pant. Gucci has gone as far as adopting the tracksuit design to corporate wears.

Colored Tailoring – Diversity in color combination has not been a men’s thing until very recently. Women have been known to wear all kinds of colors, but men are also wearing colors this year; even Pink! Yes, no color is out of bounds for men in 2018. Suits and shirts now come in different colors and they look specifically sweet! A perfect color always stands you out. So, pick a color and slay it!

Multi-pocketed Jackets – Jackets are always welcome in any fashion trend. However, designers have taken it upon themselves to make these jackets of multiple spectacles. With the trend of wearing clothes because of what they do in men’s world, multi-pocketed jackets have found a place. Men do not particularly love to carry bags like women. They prefer to have their hands free or in their pockets. This is why these jackets come in handy. Multi-pocketed jackets allow men to carry as much as they want along with them without holding anything.

Fashion is always changing, although it is sometimes going back in time. It will be a crime on yourself to not stay updated with the fashion trends in your world.