Trending Youtube Challenges


YouTube is an entire world on its own. It has grown rapidly over the years and millions of YouTube vloggers are making a living from their views. YouTube is a school, a religious centre, a community, a talent platform and many different things to many different people. With millions of videos being viewed and uploaded every single day, a challenge would definitely go viral, especially if the pioneer has lots of subscribers or such a person participates.

THE ‘NOT MY HANDS’ CHALLENGE – A person with four hands! This is quite funny and fun to do, but you would need a friend to get in on it. The concept is having extra hands to do things like painting or any other craft while your normal hands are visibly free. You tweak it a little bit by adding a little comedy and doing something different.


THE YOGA CHALLENGE – One of the most straight forward challenges on YouTube is the Yoga challenge. It is simply doing a Yoga pose for a couple of minutes, either alone or with a friend. If you have not been doing Yoga, it’s best to do a simple one to avoid future pains and discomfort.

ACCENT FUN – This is practically one of the funniest challenges, especially if you are good at mimicking accents. All you have to do is to speak with a specific accent, and have your friend recognize the accent. However, while you are doing this, be careful not to pass any racist messages across to your viewers.

THE SEVEN SECONDS CHALLENGE – Very simple but tasking. There are a series of things you might be asked to do, or that you have chosen to do, you have to do them in seven seconds. If you are able to pull it through, you win. If not, you lose. Most times, you might not need any external materials to do this challenge.


BRAIN FREEZE CHALLENGE – The brain freeze is only for fun. Please do not stay in the ice for too long if you intend to join this challenge. Here is what it is about; a friend sits in a bath tub full of ice, and you begin to ask him some questions. Preferably simple questions. If he or she gets them right, they are allowed to come out of the ice. If not, they must enjoy the cold for a while. However, a while should be a reasonably short time. Get out of the ice early enough to avoid catching a cold or brain freeze.

WATER BOTTLE FLIP – One of the most interesting challenges that had worldwide participation is this water bottle flip challenge. All you have to do is to put some water inside a water bottle (not necessarily fill it up), and try to flip it in a way that it would land on a smooth surface the right side up.

These challenges help new YouTube Vloggers who participate to get noticed and probably get more subscribers too. Asides this, they are also quite fun to do.