Trends Transforming The Media And Entertainment Industry In 2018


Particularly in 2018, the number of media and entertainment content being consumed has gone through the roof. Research also reveals that these content are being consumed via electronic devices such as the Television set, Laptops, mobile phones and tabs. A more interesting point is that, technology has infested the world of media and entertainment so much that the kind of content being put out has been transformed from the regular contents, to more realistic and experiential content. Both the artisans and business men in the world of media and entertainment are working tirelessly to make sure there is progress in the industry and that the audience keeps enjoying the content they put out. Here are some very notable and important trends in the world of media and entertainment this year.

PROGRAMMATIC VIDEO ADVERTS ARE GETTING MORE POPULAR – In the last four years, programmatic video advertisement has grown so rapidly that it now occupies about twice the amount of content it used to occupy. Although, it is still not a match with traditional adverts and publications, its growth has been tremendous, such that everyone in the industry is learning and starting to implement it. With the current growth rate of Programmatic Video Advertisement, it will soon occupy the larger part of the global ad revenue.

MORE MOVIE THEATRE VISITS AND A FIGHT AGAINST DECLINING BOX OFFICE SALES – Since 2002, when the box office sales got to its highest known peak, there has been a continuous decline in the rate of sales the movies have gotten. This must have been due to some drastic changes in how the theatrical content has been consumed popularly across the world. There are television stations and platforms like Netflix, that offer viewers the chance to see movies without going to the movies. Many things are being put in place to make sure people have the best experience when they go to the movies. If you have also been paying attention, you will notice that the movies are being improved and reinforced by day. Better seats, in-theatre snacks and beverages, reserved seating, and other optimized services are making the movies more attractive in the present day. With the current trend, we can be sure that the decline will be changed.

THERE ARE LESS FAKE NEWS IN CIRCULATION – In the past years, rumors have been the order of the day and fake news were so common that it was hard to believe anything the media put out. The advertising companies also had to watch where their ads are being put up, so that they do not get their brands associated with the fake news or its carriers. Many things have been put in place to avoid the spread of fake news and media personnel are also making sure their names and faces are seen as a part of the real news. So, they go the extra mile to confirm the authenticity of the content before they put it up.

These trends are underlining factors that are driving the media and entertainment industry, and they can be said to have the power to determine the future of these industries.